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Hello London Grateful Dead Fans and 70's Jam band lovers!

We produce a live jam band experience with a great group of musicians.


This is a project to develop a regular Grateful Dead inspired Jam band. Join our Facebook group

and become a member of this vibrant musical community.


 We hope everyone shares an interest in playing live Improvisational Rock and Blues songs inspired by originals and covers of the Grateful Dead. This includes all covers they played on tour, as well as songs in all the versions the band played over the years including their solo projects.

We have private meetups, studio and public jams. 


If you love listening to your favorite Dead tunes played by a magical creative collective, then definitely come join!  Just come dabble in the jams, or become a serious regular and join the keen.   All sessions are recorded and shared with the musicians participating.

We will announce live music event dates and Jams at rehearsal studios where we can electrify, record and prepare for the live shows. But above all, come for casual and fun Jams with other musicians!….we will keep the bears dancing!